Gastric Band Surgery – Surgery for Diabetes

Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric BandAdjustable gastric band surgery is also commonly called lap band surgery, in a few words it consists of a purely inflatable device made of silicon that is placed scrupulously around the stomach’s top portion. The device helps to slow down food consumption and in turn, reduces weight and helps to treat obesity.

The gastric band operation is one of the many types of bariatric surgeries designed to help obese patients who have body mass index (BMIs) of more than 40, or BMIs of 35-40 together with certain disorders such as diabetes, GERD, metabolic syndrome, osteoarthritis, and hypertension, to lose weight effectively.

Gastric band surgery is attractive to many patients as a potent option when exercise and dietary measures have failed to help them effectively. Such patients may choose bariatric surgeons to conduct the procedure depending on their budget. Today, gastric band surgery in Mexico attracts many patients from the US, Canada and UK because the costs of surgery in Mexico are low whilst providing one of the highest standards of care worldwide.

Gastric Band Surgery – Surgery for Diabetes

The procedure refers to a surgical band insertion into the stomach’s top portion. Usually, surgeons start by making small incisions of around 1.25cm by the belly button and then introduce carbon-dioxide (natural gas of the human body) into the abdomen in order to create ample working space for the surgical operation. Then, a minute laparoscopic camera is then inserted into the abdomen via the incision. The camera helps to capture pictures of the structures of the abdominal cavity and the stomach, and sends the pictures to strategic video monitor.
After getting an effective view of the critical structures of the abdominal cavity, the surgeon proceeds to make more incisions in the abdomen while examining the video monitor. When the surgeons are certain that the points where the adjustable bands will work effectively have been established, they make small and circular tunnels behind the stomach. Finally, the surgeon will insert the gastric band via the tunnel and then lock the band onto the stomach.

Benefits of Gastric Banding

Many clinical studies have shown that patients feel much better after the surgery, and can get on with physical and recreational activities without any problems. Patients have also been shown to get more self-confidence and exploit economic opportunities better following the procedure. The band is removable and allows the stomach to return to normal. The procedure is also conducted without stapling or cutting the stomach. Patients recover quickly, stay shortly in hospitals, suffer from fewer complications, get no malabsorption problems, plus they also get band adjustment without the need for extra surgery.

Gastric banding prevents weight gain by slowing and limiting the quantities of food that enter the stomach at any given time. It allows a person to take full control of food choices and to limit volume and intake of food. For obese patients, lap band surgery is considered one of the best bariatric surgeries because it is less-invasive and is completely reversible. The patient gets small scars and suffers less pain. The adjustable band is also made of highly biocompatible materials and will stay in the body without health hazards.

Contact Dr Castaneda for a free quote and more information about gastric band surgery in Mexico, and enjoy the best private care at affordable prices.

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