Gastric Bypass Surgery – Surgery for Diabetes

About Gastric Bypass Surgery

There are many types of surgery for diabetes and weight loss surgeries, with perhaps the most common one being the RNY Gastric Bypass surgery. This type of surgery has been very popular and successful with patients, it involves the surgeon diving part of the upper stomach to create a small pouch. This will go a long way in restricting the amount of food taken by the person undergoing the surgery. The surgeon will then proceed to attach to the pouch a part of the small intestines that is Y-shaped to ensure that food does not get to the lower stomach, the jejunum as well as the duodenum. This procedure ensures that food does not go through the digestive tract. Research has shown, people who undergo this type of surgery normally loose up to 2/3 of weight that is in excess within at least 2 years. It is expected that the loss of weight will continue up to a year and thereafter stabilizes.

Gastric BypassBenefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

There are various benefits that come with undergoing an Roux-en-Y also known as RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery as a weight loss method. The very first benefit of undergoing such a surgery is the fact that there are fewer surgical risks associated to it and that the patient is bound to loose more weight. This procedure goes a long way in tackling health problems that are brought about by obesity that is severe, and diabetes. A person who has undergone this type of surgery will feel satisfied after eating a small portion of food . It is however important to use some nutritional supplements due to cases of malabsorption.

Some Associated Risks

There are some complications that may come up. However, such risks can be avoided only if the procedure is performed by a professionally trained and qualified surgeon. Contact Dr Castaneda for a consultation.

The risks also depend on how extensive the bypass surgery is. It is therefore important for patients who undergo such a surgery to be closely monitored as they recover to ensure that they do not experience any complications thereafter. the most common of complications is perhaps the development of abdominal hernias.

Another risk that is associated with this type of surgery is leakages, stomach ulcers, ulcers within the small intestines, clotting of lungs in the legs or even lungs, gallbladder inflammation as well as vomiting that is recurrent among other risks. There are those patients who undergo RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery who normally develop gallstones. There are even those who experience bowel obstruction. It is however important to note that all these risks are manageable. All patients are under constant monitoring until they completely recover from the surgery.

It is important for a patient to ensure that he or she has all the relevant information on how a RNY gastric bypass surgery is conducted as well as all the risks associated to the surgery before settling on it. You can acquire such information from Dr Castaneda who will be performing the surgery at one of two state-of-the-art hospitals in Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara.

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